Exhibition 3D

Fireplace room Kiev Fortress


Tamaz Avaliani - known Georgian artist now lives and works in Ukraine. He creates his stunning surreal paintings with the ballpoint pens. He put so much deep philosophy and energy in them that everyone can find something personal in each.

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Graphic Artist Tamaz Avaliani last several years livied in Ukraine, and now his paintings are collected in the exhibition "Paradox" in the “Tauvers Gallery international”l in Kiev, Olginskaya street 6. Every visitor have the same reaction to the pictures "How is it possible to draw a pen?! And it's picture!” But in fact, all pictures did a really by ordinary ballpoint pen, combined with incredible talent and amazing work ethic artist.
How did can find out our portal “Megapolis”, Tamaz last five years  lived in Lvov. There's also held his exhibitions there. As the artist admits himself, Ukrainian language learned in six months, and it was not so difficult. However, his inhabitant’s friends still think that Tamaz doesn’t speak Ukrainian.