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Graphic Artist Tamaz Avaliani last several years livied in Ukraine, and now his paintings are collected in the exhibition "Paradox" in the “Tauvers Gallery international”l in Kiev, Olginskaya street 6. Every visitor have the same reaction to the pictures "How is it possible to draw a pen?! And it's picture!” But in fact, all pictures did a really by ordinary ballpoint pen, combined with incredible talent and amazing work ethic artist.
How did can find out our portal “Megapolis”, Tamaz last five years  lived in Lvov. There's also held his exhibitions there. As the artist admits himself, Ukrainian language learned in six months, and it was not so difficult. However, his inhabitant’s friends still think that Tamaz doesn’t speak Ukrainian.


Life in Ukraine proved to him both comfortable and beneficial, while in his native Georgia were sold just a dozen paintings and  by the first week of the exhibition in the heart of Galicia visitors bought 35 paintings! The reason is cultural features. As Tamaz says, in Georgia he more often presented pictures to friends then sold, while less familiar in new country, improved the sales.

Why ballpoint pen? Because it is the instrument the most like artist. Tamaz says so acting about all in his life: do not operate that is not like.
The artist explains that various creative persons like "missing muse" – this is empty excuses, which masked ordinary laziness. Tamaz working, without waiting for a special occasion, because knows that in fact the paintings theme can to be found in anything. While there, wrong: rather every night, because the creative activity in his case increase somewhere up to fifth-six in the morning.

Interesting: Tamaz unpretentious to any around. When he works a lot can sleep just in his chair. And he did not need to rest a long time, sometimes it just enough hours and he back on his feet. "Art has replaced everything to me. My picture - it is my love, my children, my job and my passion ..." - says the artist.

Pictures of Tamaz Avaliani have not names. The artist believes that the audience should not be imposing his views and his understanding. However, it is certain idea preceded the creation of any painting. Interestingly, none of the picture does not stop only on the original idea, and in fact draws by itself, completes with the new details and strokes.

Great importance Tamaz gives to eyes, hands and face. The eyes are looking at the viewer with each picture (even if they are not visible), because, as artist explained, this is the process of mutual perception of the work, the viewer looks at the picture, and the picture certainly watching audience.
The depth of thought, which shown on graphic pictures, would be in harmony with the poetry. But payment, offering by publishers, too low for long-term cooperation. May be soon the world will see a joint project Tamaz Avaliani with his friend poet Victor Nagorno - it will be illustrated poetry. A poem near picture, by the way, will write calligraphic by the author.

Tamaz never drawing from live models, because it is impossible to force people to pose for a month. Even if you bought the portrait, he creates based on the photos. However, not all the pictures needed for the month of birth. Someone quite a week or even a few days. Why it happens Tamaz doesn’t know himself. But says that it takes about 80 black ballpoint pens to create a picture.

As artist says, black have eight shades. Black - a heat cold white background.
In his paintings Tamaz often is depicting music. It can be an instrument or music notes, or just a kind of rhythm that is necessarily in each of his paintings. Tamaz not expect inspiration, but paints a picture in melodic rhythms of jazz. For this in his phone installed a special program - jazz radio.
As for the marine theme, it can be seen in many paintings of the artist. This is not because Tamaz studied at the sailor, it because he held his childhood and adolescence near the picturesque sea of Batumi.

Tamaz Avaliani landmark work “Look” has already found its owner. In addition, it now adorns the visit cards of the artist. And, as Tamaz recognized, he can’t replicate this work, he even tried several times.

The last picture Tamaz Avaliani is autobiographical. It depicts the figure of the artist whom sitting and looking at a blank canvas. As Tamaz explained, this picture is not yet complete, but clearly symbolizes the next stage of his life. Later it turned out that none of the work in the exhibition the artist does not consider completed. So it is possible that when we next visit the exhibition Tamaz familiar pictures will change slightly. Meanwhile, a few days’ unique canvas graphics will go to win the hearts of Parisians...