Exhibition 3D

Fireplace room Kiev Fortress


Tamaz Avaliani - known Georgian artist now lives and works in Ukraine. He creates his stunning surreal paintings with the ballpoint pens. He put so much deep philosophy and energy in them that everyone can find something personal in each.

What were your child dreams?
Childhood dreams ... To be honest it was not anything special. My profession has been identified since childhood. How long can remember to draw all the time, or sitting in the artists’ studios and listened attentively. My sister dragged me to her friends’ artists and I loved this madly.
Do you feel that really found yourself in life?
Yes, I think I found myself. By profession I'm a sailor, studied in physical and mathematical school, but only art is my real life - was, is and will be.
What is your biggest pride for the moment?
I am proud that I never lying viewer and the viewer feels this. Every day I receive a lot of letters with gratitude. Just imagine you publicly exposed to view work that bringing you a mad rush and people admire of your work. Each of word thanks from them adds years of life to me.
What about the charity?
I try to support various charitable projects.
What do you need to be completely happy?
Is still far until complete happiness, but every day doing it is closer.
What are your future plans?
I have a lot of plans. I drawing a new series of paintings for France now, soon there is going to make exhibition there.
What means for you happy Ukraine?
This is Ukraine without war and hunger. The prosperity of the country is the children, who will be able to build this country by another. We must do everything to them.
What would you advise to all readers?
Smile, not in spite of anything, life is wonderful...

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